About Us


The Black and Latino LGBTQ Coalition is an organization of  Black and Latino SGL/LGBTQ  leaders who have joined together to advocate, educate and marshal resources for the benefit or our Black and Latino SGL/LGBTQ community.


The mission of the Black and Latino LGBTQ Coalition is to collaborate to provide advocacy and education for issues concerning NYC’s SGL/LGBTQ community, take action against any acts of violence or hate, as well as support city wide initiatives created to benefit our SGL/LGBTQ community.


The vision of the Black and Latino LGBTQ Coalition is to be a unified group whose focus is the support, empowerment, and development of our community.


The goals of the Black and Latino LGBTQ Coalition are:

  • Advocate for equity in city and state funding for our membership

  • Establish a community pride center in Harlem

  • Secure senior housing

  • Advocate for equity in housing, employment and overall treatment for our Transgender* community members and organizations

  • Secure protections for immigrants in our community




Black and Latino LGBTQ Coalition
55 West 116th Street, Suite 236
New York, NY  10026

Phone: 212-457-8954
Email: info@bllgbtqc.org
Web:  bllgbtqc.org


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